Monday, February 14, 2011

peace at the bottom of a frozen latte

So, while I know emotional eating is not always the answer today was a day of frustrations. I found myself at Panera with a frozen mocha latte to cheer myself up. And somewhere between the observation of hearing some young girls sweat about geometry and driver's licenses "no way my picture is sooo much worse than yours" I couldn't help but think of a patient today that has melanoma glioblastoma, the absolute worst kind. It has metastisized to the patients' brain.

It is very true that everyone everywhere is having their battles and stresses and worries. It dawned on me as I reached the bottom of this fattening beverage that I felt that "be grateful THAT is your concern" feeling as I listened to people around me. Then I realized I'm a total hypocrit. I'm over here sweating the fact that I have exams to comp on and approximately 1.5 days of clinic to do it, and no techs who will let me scan while being so booked (thank you again, snow). Such is life. You gotta roll with the punches, everyone is fighting a battle somehow somewhere. There lies the peace in prayer.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


The sun came out today! And it didn't snow or get to -9 degrees. It's a good day here in Oklahoma.

Today I have rerealized the glory of small indulgences and how happy I really can make myself. It's the simple things. I am blessed. God is good.

I was music/lyrics browsing online only to find myself lusting for some citizen cope. Sad news is all my citizen cope music I came across years ago at OSU is on my dusty, dinosaur age computer. Which has been sitting in the spare room at my parents for years now. I have to have hope that it still runs enough to get some of my music off of there. Too much effort for now....but one day I will cross my fingers, hold my tongue just right and hope that I can salvage my music off that old thing.