Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Organization is the name of the game.


i am the girl who has 500 + unread emails, keys that are consistently in a different place every time i find them, who lays down to sleep and remembers the things she forgot, who has multiple to-do lists that are rarely all complete before lost, who feels unsure of how to even live in an organized fashion, who makes too many trips to the store, text messages in her phone from over 2 years ago.

i would like to be the person who has all her change neatly in one place but not in an ugly old cup but not something that costs ten times too much. ideas? who has her papers neatly filed away, emails caught up on and purged as needed, who finishes a to do list, who knows exactly where things are, who isn't wasting life searching for her keys, or that jotted down note on the back of a reciept, or a bill or important number.

This is a pointless post really but I want to be more organized. And I think I've said that every year since I was able to comprehend that I truly am a scatterbrain.

SO.....in 2011, I hope to be more organized. Not because it really matters in the grand scheme of things, but that it really does make me feel less stressed which overall results in happier healthier Jenny. I've started this by going through stacks of papers, school stuff, home stuff, etc. in addition to reading tips on how to get organized. I've got this week left before I start back in full swing next Tuesday. Ready set go!