Tuesday, August 31, 2010

gnarly pneumonia

well....turns out its not the flu

i caved last night and went to the ER upon feeling like I might croak.

got a pretty "gnarly right lower lobe pneumonia" according to doc

getting it rechecked tomorrow, hopefully the antibiotics take hold they are hoping.

thanks for the get well wishes....hopefully soon they'll come true.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


well...the great photo brigade has gone nowhere thus far. but will once i have some energy, freetime, and internet all at the same time.

first week back was rough. i was feeling extremely exhausted by thursday which explains the lovely fever and flu-like symptoms that started friday. pretty sure i got coughed on by one too many patients this first week back and being stressed with it being the first week back didn't help much.

anyway i'm still alive but feelin pretty deathly.... so let me be an advocate to get your flu shots early on. full fleged flu season usually doesnt start til october but obviously its already out there

hopefully i can pull myself together enough to not miss any class/clinic time this week. we're basically cut no slack and any time we miss has to be made up, which is difficult when every week is already a full schedule.

hope everyone else is doing well...maybe next time i'll get some of those pictures to share

Monday, August 2, 2010

need some advice

I'd like to have a place online to store photos/share photos. I haven't put any on facebook in so long because it equals sharing photos of my life with everyone and their dog. What do you reccomend as a very user friendly method of storing and sharing photos?

the technologically challenged friend