Monday, May 24, 2010

just some babbble

Well friends,

I feel old. My little sister just graduated high school. Then it dawned on me that I graduated 7 years ago. Yowzas when you put it that way. Anyway, I can honestly say I'm so proud of her. She is so damn responsible for her age (I remember all the shennanigans I was up to starting senior year of high school) She's not wrapped up in some silly boyfriend, seems to have her head on straight, scholarships underway, and great expectations for OSU. I'm excited to see where life takes her. She's a smart girl.

Having a break from school/clinic has been wonderful. I don't mind hanging out late, I can play without things looming in my head of what I should be doing. And my grades came out spectacularly....all A's, and 1 B. Definately worked for those. Already feeling antsy about summer rotations....trauma...eek. But I won't be staring at cadavers all summer like last summer and pounding away at the books trying to squeak by in a ridiculous, med school level anatomy class.

Personal life-wise....things have been slightly rollercoasterish. Don't feel like disclosing details but it's been more difficult at times. Health concerns continue to plague me....and it seems to only be rougher the more that I know and understand, the more worry that consumes me. So in the words of sam...I'm going to be a positive pat about this. I'm going to worry less and pray more. Worrying really does just make everything worse. Definately a big personal goal these days: be responsible yet carefree.

hope everyone else is doing well :)