Thursday, June 18, 2009

short vent

I seem to keep forgetting someone kind of important. Myself.

To me, the most difficult part of a being in a relationship is maintaining my sense of self. Some people seem to be amazing at this and I am far from a natural.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

universal remote is not so universal

I am totally, 100% convinced that i will never have a knack for figuring out the tv. you see, my parents recently switched from satellite to cable...and we have this nifty "universal" remote. but you can't successfully change inputs or other things necessary, so then you must use the designated "amp" remote or the "tv" remote.'s home. she pushed a few buttons and wa la! things are workin.

I had lunch with my minnesota-dwelling friend today. she's about to take off to go work at a summer camp. even hearing the words "summer camp" brings back loads of memories from my 2 camp jobs. By far, the best way to spend a summer is working at a camp...and getting paid to play. I'm excited for the adventures and experiences that await her.